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Microsoft FUD at the End of its Life Cycle

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Summary: Microsoft lies about GNU/Linux, which means it ran out of fear tactics and is now just using libel/slander tactics

SEVERAL weeks ago we showed that Microsoft had resorted to the last phase in its competition against software freedom [1, 2]. By choosing to go this way Microsoft only alienates more people as opposed to winning any friends.

Microsoft says that “Linux at the end of its life cycle,” according to Dr. Moody who translated from Russian:

The idea that “Linux is at the end of its life cycle” is rather rich coming from the vendor of a platform that is increasingly losing market share, both at the top and bottom end of the market, while Linux just gets stronger. I’d wager that variants of Linux will be around rather longer than Windows.

Microsoft’s claim is hilarious for so many other reasons and we’ll leave the subject at that.

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Uncategorized November 19th 2010

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