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Vista SP1 won’t install on dual-boot systems: Microsoft

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Are you currently running Windows and Linux in a dual-boot setup? You're going to have major headaches with Vista SP1, Microsoft has admitted.

If you’re dualbooting Windows Vista Enterprise or Ultimate alongside a Linux distro, and have installed the Linux bootloader into the MBR, then you’re guaranteed to run into problems when installing Vista Service Pack 1, Microsoft has admitted.

The service pack has a couple of prerequisite updates and one of them, KB935509, contains an update to the Windows Vista bootloader. However, this bootloader is often replaced by open source bootloaders like Grub when installing Linux onto a system.

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Uncategorized July 31st 2008

60 percent skipping Vista, so Ballmer looks to Apple

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A new survey by KACE, a systems management appliance company, suggests that 60 percent of those surveyed have no plans to deploy Microsoft Windows Vista, a 10 percent rise over a similar survey administered by KACE in November 2007. A full 42 percent of these are actively exploring Vista alternatives, with 11 percent having made the leap to alternative platforms like Mac OS X or Linux.

Forrester piles on:

    Eighteen months after the release of Windows Vista, enterprise adoption is still in the single digits, and the majority of that seems to have come from upgrades of legacy Windows versions, not XP.

How does Microsoft hope to compete? By copying Apple, the company that is kicking its tail in terms of growth. It worked once before….


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Uncategorized July 25th 2008

Linux is easier to install than XP

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When you buy a new PC today, unless you hunt down a Linux system or you buy a Mac, you’re pretty much stuck with Vista. Sad, but true.

So, when I had to get a new PC in a hurry, after one of my PCs went to the big bit-ranch in the sky with a fried motherboard, the one I bought, a Dell Inspiron 530S from my local Best Buy came pre-infected with Vista Home Premium. Big deal. It took me less than an hour to install Linux Mint 5 Elyssa R1 on it.

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Uncategorized July 24th 2008

Microsoft Tries to Polish Vista

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Microsoft is really taking the gloves off this time. ZDNet is reporting that it will spend $500 million to make a powerful statement to its hundreds of millions of customers. I imagine the statement would have to go something like this:

    Windows Vista isn’t really as bad as they say. Honest. Please don’t be mad at us. We promise our next operating system will be better. Pinky swear.

Those aren’t exactly the words they use, but it is certainly the tone of the ad that Microsoft has started running on its site. I can’t find it, but Ed Bott at ZDNet did and has a copy here. It shows a painting of a tall ship with the headline “At one point everyone thought the Earth was flat. Get the facts about Windows Vista.”

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Uncategorized July 23rd 2008

VMware exec says Windows days are numbered

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In an ITWire tale, Paul Harapin, VMware's managing director for Australia and New Zealand said Windows is already being replaced by virtual appliances running on Linux. In ten-years, there will be no more Windows.

OK. I know people at Red Hat who would say that that's exactly what will happen. That's right out of the new Red Hat KVM-based virtualization playbook. But, someone from VMware saying this? Wow.

Harapin went on to say, it is reported that "When you go to Cisco and say you want a router and a firewall, they provide you with an appliance."Inside that appliance is probably a bootstrapped Linux operating system that they manage themselves, there's memory and all sorts of devices. If something goes wrong with that appliance, you don't open up the router and try to determine whether it's an OS problem or a memory problem, you simply call Cisco and tell them that's there's a problem with your appliance."

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Uncategorized July 21st 2008

Microsoft: Its Party’s Over

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It almost feels like covering an old story, so herein we mention only a few new developments and reference the rest at the bottom.

As many have realised before the week ended, Microsoft is not in a good shape. It’s nothing like it used to be, but Microsoft goes out of its way to keep up appearances, even using aggression. Perceptual momentum is essential for growth through customer obedience and investor confidence.

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Uncategorized July 21st 2008

XP or Vista: Which one is better?

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Many people have bought computers with Vista thinking, "It's newer, it must be better, right?" Well, according to popular poll, no, it's not. Or at least you would think so from the grumbles of the public opinion. But I must say that my feelings have mellowed in recent months.

While Vista does have its bugs, the problems are not anything that I haven't seen in XP at one time or another. One thing to remember is that XP has been around since Oct. 25, 2001. That's a long time for any Windows operating system and plenty of time to work out all the kinks. XP had similar problems to Vista, but people have had time to forget that and become accustomed to a semi-stable platform.

But all this might be moot with Microsoft announcing that a new operating system, Windows 7, will be released in late 2009 or early 2010.



Uncategorized July 17th 2008

Microsoft gags UK schools

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THE THREAT OF REPRISALS from Microsoft lawyers has stopped Becta, the UK's technology quango for schools, from publishing the details of the three-year megadeal it agreed with Microsoft in April. Microsoft already forbids Becta from saying how much money UK schools spend on its software. The US multinational has also forbidden the British people from knowing how much it is charging their schools for its software.

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Uncategorized July 9th 2008

Top Ten worst uses for Windows

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After all these years I am willing to admit that Microsoft has won the desktop and server wars. Thanks to VMWare Windows is spreading throughout the datacenter. And, of course, there is only one operating system to use if you are dependent on Microsoft apps like Outlook, Word, and Excel. While I have joined the chorus of security folks who rail against the Microsoft Monoculture I still cannot believe some of the uses for Windows. Some of them are just downright silly, some you may claim are criminally negligent.

So here is the Top Ten List of Worst Uses for Windows:

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Uncategorized July 9th 2008

Microsoft to EU Commission: We’re Not the Bad Guy; You Are [MS Doc as Text]

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Sean Daly has kindly prepared a text version of the EU-LEX notice  of Microsoft's complaint against the EU Commission,  found in the latest EU Official Journal.   

 Microsoft says the fine announced in February  is too high. It should be annulled, and if not, they ask that it be reduced. Oh, and it would like the EU Commission to pay costs.  Yes, the EU Commission is the defendant. It seems it neglected to believe Microsoft's experts about how valuable its patents are.  And it accuses the  Commission of accepting reports from the trustee, whom Microsoft hand-picked, by the way, based on "documents obtained through powers of investigation that the Court of First Instance held to be unlawful."  Whoah.  No more Mr. Nice Guy for Microsoft, I see.  

  Note that this is news to us, but not to the EU Commission, as this action was brought May 9th.  So. Here we go again.

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Uncategorized July 8th 2008