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Intel Says No to Upgrading to Vista

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Intel has decided that it will not upgrade its company's systems to Microsoft Windows Vista, and will instead continue using Windows XP — reports doing rounds of the Internet seem to suggest.

The reports say that Intel carried out analyses in different departments to find out the usefulness of shifting to Vista. Their final decision seems to suggest that the company didn't find Vista useful enough, at least not for now. However, an Intel spokesperson reportedly said that the company is testing and deploying Windows Vista in certain departments.


Uncategorized June 28th 2008

Microsoft says ‘hasta la vista XP’ – well, kinda

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Microsoft yesterday sent customers a letter reaffirming its plans to kill off Windows XP sales at the end of June and that system builders can continue to ship machines loaded with the OS until early 2009.

That widely-known caveat has been viewed by many as a considerable insurance policy for the software giant, which has failed to achieve sparkling sales of Vista, its upto date operating system.

Indeed many major OEMs including big hitters such as Dell have been clambering to throw customers reluctant to adopt Vista an XP lifeline.

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Uncategorized June 25th 2008

Top M$ insults = Top linux slogans

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Sometimes, certain situations (like this)really support the fact –> never trust anyone called Gates, who sells you Windows.
After reading Hari-chettan's recent post, here is something that to.. um…inspire(!) you further! has some splendid slogans dug from across the world. A few of my favourites:

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Uncategorized June 23rd 2008

Microsoft Office Says ODF Files Are Corrupt

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One day ago we wrote about ways in which Microsoft seems to be discouraging the use of ODF. It’s a must-read for background. We promised some screenshots and we finally have them thanks to Eruaran. Here is the portion of the IRC discussion which explains what you see at the bottom.

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Uncategorized June 22nd 2008

Microsoft Fights and ODF Using FUD, Technical Problems

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It is already known that Microsoft fought ODF like fire. It even ran a Get the Facts-type campaign against it. It’s easily provable because it is all well documented. In the IRC conversation below (a fragment from Monday), you will find some of the latest examples.

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Uncategorized June 20th 2008

Windows Vista accepts incorrect passwords

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i never thought the day would come that i, one of the least security-conscious people in the world, would report a Windows security flaw. The fact is – Windows Vista appears to try multiple variants of a password if the first one doesn’t match, at least when it is configured to use multiple keyboard layouts.

Here are the facts:

i have, on a newly-bought PC, a copy of Vista. It doesn’t do much except run Starwars Battlefront (it refuses to connect to my wireless network, even though my mobile phone, my Wii, and 3 other computers will, which means it’s just a brick which happens to run Starwars Battlefront). My keyboard is set up to switch between German and English (it’s a German Vista, but i type using a U.S. keyboard layout).


Uncategorized June 19th 2008

Survey: Few Have Plans To Migrate to Vista in 2008

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Computer Economics released a new report characterizing the adoption rate of Windows Vista by businesses as "slow." Using a survey, the research firm found that "most organizations are still not including Vista in their plans for 2008," according to the analyst group's Research Byte announcement.

That finding contrasts with a survey conducted by Forrester Research that reported businesses as being "well under way with their software and hardware compatibility testing and are planning to start their deployment [of Vista] toward the end of this year and into 2009."

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Uncategorized June 19th 2008

Vista’s big problem: 92 percent of developers ignoring it

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And to think Microsoft used to be popular with the developer crowd…

Not anymore. A recent report from Evans Data shows fewer than one in 10 software developers writing applications for Windows Vista this year. Eight percent. This is perhaps made even worse by the corresponding data that shows 49 percent of developers writing applications for Windows XP.

Such appreciation for history is not likely to warm the cockles of Microsoft's heart, especially when Linux is getting lots of love from developers (13 percent writing apps for it this year and 15.5 percent in 2009). The Mac? I don't have any equivalent data via Evans Data. But the Mac OS has rocketed by 380 percent as a targeted development platform, Evans Data told Computerworld.


Uncategorized June 17th 2008

Please don’t take our XP away from us!

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The users are asking, ok screaming, to Microsoft to please, oh please, don't take our XP Pro away from us. So far the big dumb company from Washington state is ignoring their customer pleas. Of course, Microsoft already backed off killing XP Home once they figured out that Linux was eating their lunch in the hotter than hot UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC) market. If they have any brains – questionable these days I know since Mr. Bill is leaving — they'll revive XP Pro too, since XP Home is useless for business network users.

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Uncategorized June 13th 2008

Microsoft: What Cost the Vista Fiasco?

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Microsoft has irked consumers and corporate customers with the most recent version of its Windows operating system, which they complain requires hefty investments in PC hardware and offers a paucity of compelling new features in return. Now there are signs that companies' reluctance to install Vista is starting to weigh on Wall Street's outlook for the company's stock. Charles Di Bona, a senior analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein and a noted bull on Microsoft (MSFT), said in a June 10 report that "dampening" adoption of Vista by corporate customers will shave $395 million in revenues and 2¢ a share in earnings from the company's financial results for the 2009 fiscal year, which begins July 1.

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Uncategorized June 11th 2008