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Software Patents in Europe and Microsoft’s Huge Lobbying Budget as of Late

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Money, money, money. Everywhere you turn. If you look closely enough at the news — and only if you look very closely — you’ll find the trail of obligatory disclosures Microsoft reluctantly unleashes to give away clues about its lobbying activities. For the unaware, lobbying can be brutally described as the act of paying a middleman (independent or part of an agency) to spend time with politicians and either share this wealth or spend this wealth together, sometimes negotiating what is done in exchange for what else (favouritism, nepotism, legalised bribery, or whatever else you wish to call this). It’s disguised as something that’s done for the benefit of citizens (’consumers’), but shouldn’t the one paying the bill be expected to benefit the most? Yes, it’s a rhetorical question.

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Uncategorized May 22nd 2008

Steve Ballmer Egged in Hungary!

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Steve Ballmer finally gets to join his buddy Bill Gates in the "food target club" after a visit to the Hungarian University of Economy. A guy (grad student? just some dude?) stood up, yelled "Give back the money of the taxpayers" in an accent Ballmer probably couldn't understand, and started throwing eggs at him.

Our tipster Joco explains:

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Uncategorized May 21st 2008

How Microsoft Uses Novell to Fight GNU/Linux, Xen to Fight VMWare and GNU/Linux

No Comments » may be delivering this news a little too late, but it incorporates some quotes which the publisher sought from Red Hat, Xandros, Novell and some so-called ‘analyst’. The new article further illustrates the fact that Novell-type deals were more of an anti-Red Hat alliance (or an alliance against anyone who ‘dares’ not to pay Microsoft for GNU/Linux, including Ubuntu which is fairly dominant on desktops). You might find this article repetitive in the sense that it talks about news that’s over a fortnight old, but mind the following:

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Uncategorized May 19th 2008

IE-only marketing campaign skewed Firefox, Safari numbers

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A Web measurement firm Wednesday blamed a massive online marketing campaign aimed only at nternet Explorer (IE) users for skewing its April data, which said Mozilla's Firefox and Apple's Safari had lost significant amounts of market share.

The company, Net Applications of California, has posted revised data on its Web site that shows Firefox and Safari still dropping in share, but by much smaller increments.

An "extremely large" marketing campaign among a small number of sites that targeted only users of IE was responsible for the aberrant numbers, said Vince Vizzaccaro, the executive vice president of marketing at Net Applications.

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Uncategorized May 8th 2008

Windows-based EeePC cheaper than Linux one

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Asus will sell the Windows XP model of its Eee PC 900 for a substantially cheaper price than its Linux counterpart, raising questions about the company's long term commitment to the Linux marketplace.

At a Sydney launch event for the much-anticipated Eee PC 900 model, local product manager Albert Liang revealed that the XP model would sell for $599 in Australia, while the Linux model would be $649. To cover the licence cost associated with Windows XP Home and Microsoft Works — which replace a custom version of the Xandros Linux distribution and OpenOffice — the XP model has just 12GB of storage, while the Linux version has 20GB.

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Uncategorized May 7th 2008

Vista PCs: the hardware resources they are so hungry for

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Cross-tabular analysis. It's one of those "nerdy" sounding terms that statisticians like to use when expounding upon their latest data-mining gems. It's also the lifeblood of the Windows Sentinel project. We use cross-tabular analysis to extract all sorts of interesting statistics from the exo.repository, including how a platform shift can directly affect workload composition.

For example, did you know that Vista-based PCs are working hard than ever? Besides the obvious fact that they run slower than they did under Windows XP (in many cases, by 40% or more), there are some fascinating changes going on under the hood.

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Uncategorized May 7th 2008

Windows Decline – Success for the Linux PC

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If you pick apart the recent set of Microsoft results (Q1/08) you discover that sales of Microsoft Windows fell by 24% (from $5.3 billion to $4 billion). When the PC market worldwide is growing at 12%, a collapse of 24% sounds disastrous, but those figures provide a distorted view. The $5.3 billion figure from a year ago included $1.2 billion of presales prior to Vista’s release, which actually took place in the previous quarter. So it is more accurate to view it as a revenue decline from $4.1 billion to $4 billion (2.4%) in a market that’s growing at around 12%.

Clearly Vista has not been a success (see 10 Reasons Why Vista Is A Disaster). It never provoked much immediate growth in PC sales when it was released, as previous releases of Windows did, and it isn’t particularly appealing to customers now that a year has passed. Aside from this, the decline is Windows revenues is caused by a combination of 4 factors:

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Uncategorized May 3rd 2008